The need for Divorce Bootcamp

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Don’t let the name fool you. The Divorce Bootcamp will help not only the married but

the cohabiting spouse. Bootcamp will save the litigant enormous time and money in

securing the necessary information to resolve their conflicts either by dispute resolution

or litigation. Divorce Bootcamp is available to all residents of Ontario not just those who

live in large centres.


Legal Fees although justified in most cases are financially onerous to many.

Legal Aid Plans have suffered tremendous cut backs over the last 15 years. One of

the results of these cutbacks is to severely limit the number of certificates available

to people in the family court system. It is said that up to 75% of the people who

become involved in the family courts in Toronto, for example, are self-represented or

unrepresented (apparently these are different, the different term arising from whether

the individual selects to self-represent or is unable to afford or secure representation

and is therefore unrepresented).


At the same time unfortunately, these unrepresented litigants have little or no

understanding of the legal process, or of their rights within it. The judiciary complain

that they very often have to stop in the middle of a hearing to explain what is going on.

Judges feel very uncomfortable doing this as they must remain impartial and make

decisions on conflicting claims. The whole process is slowed down considerably.

The litigants themselves often come to court without supporting material or material

which they need to represent their case. More importantly, evidence suggests that

because these litigants did not understand the system, the law, what it can and cannot

do for them, they come to court with unrealistic expectations, strident positions and

extremely litigious attitudes.


There have been a number of responses to the increasingly dilemma produced by the

increasing number of litigants who represent themselves. Free mediation services have

been offered in some of the courts, more often in the larger centres. First appearance

procedures have been honed to ensure that litigants are organized and prepared for

their appearance before a Judge.


There remain enormous gaps for the litigant who is representing him/herself, including

the access to legal analysis and legal information.


Divorce Bootcamp is designed to assist those litigants who are representing themselves

in the family law process. The Bootcamp is designed to provide the tools the litigant will

require to litigate or settle their dispute. Moreover, the Bootcamp will provide these tools

in a cost effective way.