Sandi Meyrick and her team have provided my sister with the professional support and guidance needed to steer through a very difficult divorce case. Her experience and balanced advice was exactly what we all needed to guide us through. We are all grateful for Sandi being in our lives to help my sister during this trying time. – N.P.

I found Sandi very understanding and effective in helping secure a settlement with my ex. Her support team was very knowledgeable and helpful. As a man, I found their experience and insight into the Other Side’s position invaluable. – C.W

Sandi was invaluable in helping me get through a very difficult time, her knowledge and expertise helped guide me through a very bitter custody battle Sandi went out of her way (even on the weekend!) and was incredibly responsive – really taking the time out to understand me. I now have peace of mind and the best result that I could ever have imagined and that is down to Sandi’s approach, her care and compassion – Thank You! – R.G.

For most people, divorce is an unfamiliar and frightening process. I’m so grateful that I have Sandra by my side. Like many lawyers in her field, Sandra knows the law inside-out, and that is very important. But what really sets her apart is the wise application of that knowledge. Sandra’s ability to see the big picture and the long term allow her to provide practical guidance throughout the process. In our first session, Sandra spent most of the time listening to me. She learned not just the facts of my situation, but the details of what was important to me and what I wanted to accomplish. In my case, I was first and foremost concerned that my children come through the process as unscathed as possible, that their interests were served, and that my ex-husband and I find a way to continue communicating in a way that was best for the children. Sandra truly understood my concerns, and kept them in sight while she worked on my behalf. I was always presented with a number of options, and her opinions on the short- and long-term ramifications of various paths. Several years later, I am happy with the decisions we made together. – J.R.W.