Marriage and Cohabitation

Marriage is a contract entered into between two consenting spouses, heterosexual or same sex, the terms of which are defined by law. In Ontario, the formalities required for a legally valid marriage are set out… Read more


Adoption and Parentage

Adoption, is the creation, by court order, of the legal relationship of a parent and child between individuals who are not related by blood. An adoption order severs the legal ties between the child and the biological parents…
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Domestic Contracts

Domestic Contracts are defined at Part IV, section 51 of the Family Law Act as a “marriage contract, separation agreement, cohabitation agreement, paternity agreement or family arbitration agreement”. Section 2(10) of the Act allows… Read more



Divorce and Relationship Dissolution

Legal separation” has no legal meaning in Ontario. Parties are considered separated in Ontario once they choose to live separate and apart (this can be under the same roof) and do not intend to resume cohabitation. Parties may differ in their views regarding the… Read more



Litigation, Mediation, and Arbitration Support

Litigation is the term used to describe a legal dispute that has gone into the court setting for resolution. There are a variety of courts in Ontario, each with specific jurisdiction to deal with specific issues. Justice is accessible to those who know how to engage the judicial system… Read more



Long term and Estate Planning

Long Term Estate planning is essential. Primarily, every adult person should make a Will and execute Powers of Attorney for Personal Care and for Property. Trusts, particularly testamentary trusts, are especially useful tax savings tools, and not limited to wealthy individuals… Read more