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SMeyr2ickMy name is Sandra Meyrick and I practice family and estate law in Toronto, Canada. Most people know what family and estate lawyers do for a living. We divorce or bury folks for the most part.

I believe that there is a distinction when working with me and with my firm:

  • I have practiced in this province for more than 30 years
  • I have acted for children, for the mentally ill, for wealthy and not so wealthy    men and women
  • I sit on two tribunals as a senior lawyer adjudicator and have years of working with many members of the judiciary, either through practice or    education
  • I am in the process of completing my doctorate of law and am entrenched in both the learning and the teaching part of the profession
  • I am passionate about the law and the way I practice it (as are the other members of my firm)

Family law in particular, but estate law as well, is becoming more and more complicated. There are many aspects of the law that affect everyone of us. It is my role to successfully navigate my client’s through the process in which they are involved, but to do so with as little emotional and financial stress as possible.Many people do not make the best use of the law simply because they are not informed.Of course, one of my interests here today is to identify for you the type of referrals I desire for my practice. I generally prefer savvy client’s, male or female, who wish to engage in the process but as well, to let me do my job.More than that however, I am a believer in the multidisciplinary approach to resolving issues and forever seek resources for my client’s in a vast number of other areas, (ie) assistance with real estate transactions, financial planning, educational advancement for them and their children, therapeutic alliances, even personal enhancement, job creation and the like.

My practice touches on every aspect of life.

SMeyrick2SANDRA MEYRICK received her Honours Bachelor of Arts degree from The University of Western Ontario in 1984 and The London School of Economics in 1985 and completed her Ontario Bachelor of Laws in 1988 at the University of Windsor. Since her call to the Ontario Bar in 1990 Sandra has practised primarily in matrimonial litigation and estate law.
Sandra was counsel for Katsigiannis v. Katsigiannis (2001) 55 O.R. (3rd) 456, where she successfully argued a previously never used provision of the Hague in a child abduction matter. The matter engulfed several years of litigation resulting in an Ontario Court of Appeal decision in her client’s favour. Sandra has become well known in the international context as well for her ongoing efforts to resolve the conversion of income issue as it pertains to spousal and child support in Ontario. As a consequence, Sandra has a wide international client base and continues to negotiate or litigate a wide variety of issues both here and abroad.

Sandra’s areas of specialty within the family law context include business organization, shareholder structure and remedies and valuation, marriage and cohabitation agreements and adoption and child representation. She is a trained mediator/arbitrator.

Sandra served as an adjudicator and is currently a Commission with the Ontario Racing Commission.

Sandra is also a well regarded estates solicitor and an invaluable resource to client’s in their estate planning, executor and beneficiary selection, multiple wills and trust instruments.

Sandra has done numerous T.V. and Radio broadcasts on various legal issues. She has spoken on CBC Morningside and Talk 640, and has appeared on CBC News and the pages of the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star and the National Post. She has authored three books and numerous legal articles in the area of matrimonial and estate law. She continues to teach legal education.

Added to this list, Sandra served as child counsel to the Office of the Childrens’ Lawyer for eighteen years. She continues to serve on the panel of the Public Guardian and Trustee where she is appointed to represent the incapable.

Sandra served as an adjudicator with the Health Services Appeal and Review Board, or its various predecessors, from 1996 – 2003. In 2003 she was appointed as an adjudicator and senior lawyer member to the Consent and Capacity Board hearing matters related to the mentally ill. Sandra served a 9 year term on this tribunal. In 2003, Sandra was also appointed as a Dispute Resolution Officer at the Ontario Superior Court and has continued in this role.

Sandra has, throughout her career, been committed to the Community. She has been on various Boards including the Board of York University and Kingsway College School. She has been an elected member of the Canadian Bar Association Executive since 1992. Sandra continues her involvement on various committees at All Saint’s (Kingsway) Anglican Church, the Variety Club and the Special Olympics.


Eva Chan, Associate

Eva Chan is an associate lawyer at Meyrick Law where she practises in all areas of family law. She has appeared before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice and the Ontario Court of Justice, and has assisted on cases before the Ontario Court of Appeal. Eva articled at Meyrick Law and returned to the firm as an associate lawyer after she was called to the Bar in Ontario in 2015.

Eva received her J.D. from Osgoode Hall Law School. In law school, she represented Osgoode Hall at the Walsh Family Law Moot and volunteered at the Family Law Project with Pro Bono Students Canada. As student-staff at Osgoode Hall’s student legal clinic, Eva represented clients before various administrative tribunals. Prior to law school, Eva received a B.A. in English Rhetoric and Professional Writing from the University of Waterloo and worked for five years within the Rogers Wireless Division at Rogers Communications Inc.

Eva is a member of the Law Society of Ontario, the Toronto Lawyers Association, and the Family Lawyers Association.